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Uzbekistan Reimagined: Silk Roads & High Speed Trains

Uzbekistan Silk Road

Uzbekistan welcomed me with a great deal of warmth, both in terms of hospitality and temperature – it was 34 degrees when I landed. Quickly navigating the new airport terminal, which had opened just days before my arrival, I was impressed by the modern infrastructure. But that was not all. Passport control took just 5-10 …


Alternatives to Machu Picchu

Peru Sacred Valley

Why do most tourists visiting Peru flock to Machu Picchu? In short, as well as the spectacular setting amongst the cloud forest mountains, Machu Picchu offers one of the best insights into the Inca way of life and their archaeology. Sixty percent or Machu Picchu’s foundations and supporting architecture laid underground when it was re-discovered by …


The Nature of our Health

Mindfulness Retreat

When was the last time you reflected on how are you feeling? How do we live more meaningfully? How do we create positive change? Nature offers us the chance to enjoy physical and mental space, slow down, and reconnect with our senses. It has been scientifically proven that just a small amount of time immersed in nature changes our brain wave patterns making us happier, healthier, and sharper.


Grab your ticket to the People’s Forest!

Global Forest

Why do I travel? My most reflective and emotional experiences have been on my journeys, accidentally discovering new friendships and inspiring individuals. It is through these encounters that I have gained an honest glimpse into how vulnerable some communities and their environment are, yet, also felt the most optimistic for change. Through their stories, I …


Mysteries of the Holy Land

Dead Sea Palestine

The Holy Land feels nothing short of vast, layered with diverse religious and political stories, which I discovered at every turn of my journey. The small land area consisting of Jordan, Palestine and Israel, has so much historical significance and cultural wealth I found it difficult to immediately absorb it all. The Rose City Jordan is …


Cycling Portugal’s Wine Trails

Serra da Estrela National Park

While Portugal is not a very large country, it is home to a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. The well-known cities of Porto and Lisbon draw the attention of tourists from around the world, but the less-traveled parts of the country offer completely new and unique travel opportunities. My recent trip to Central …


Travel Photography Tips

Vietnam Travel

Paul Sansome is a professional fine art and travel photographer based in the south of England. Paul’s photography has featured in many major publications, including the Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Practical Photography and Outdoor Photography. He has also been awarded in the major photography competitions – Wildlife Photographer of the Year,  several times in the Landscape …


Hike Svaneti – Fairytale Wilderness

Hike Svaneti

To hike Svaneti and its wild terrain is a journey into Georgia’s ancient past and a connection with its traditions. We visited an isolated corner of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, Svaneti, as part of community engagement efforts for the development of the ambitious long distance hiking route the Transcaucasian Trail. Svans, or Soanes in classical …


Hiking Tusheti Paradise

Dartlo Georgia

Have you ever been to heaven? I stopped doubting it exists when I woke up there. Imagine you open your eyes to look around and find yourself in a tiny room, noticing a small window in the wooden wall. Seeking an answer to the dramatic silence you approach the windowpane, and voilà, only to see …


Oman: Magic of the Orient

Oman Mosque

Imagine a country where visitors are treated like guests, where people are wholeheartedly welcoming you to their beautiful country, sharing their sweet chai and cardamom flavoured coffee, and where you will fully emerge into the magic of the Orient. A country where ancient irrigation systems channel water running from the high mountains into date filled …