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Travel Photography Tips

Vietnam Travel

Paul Sansome is a professional fine art and travel photographer based in the south of England. Paul’s photography has featured in many major publications, including the Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Practical Photography and Outdoor Photography. He has also been awarded in the major photography competitions – Wildlife Photographer of the Year,  several times in the Landscape …


Hike Svaneti – Fairytale Wilderness

Hike Svaneti

To hike Svaneti and its wild terrain is a journey into Georgia’s ancient past and a connection with its traditions. We visited an isolated corner of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, Svaneti, as part of community engagement efforts for the development of the ambitious long distance hiking route the Transcaucasian Trail. Svans, or Soanes in classical …


Hiking Tusheti Paradise

Dartlo Georgia

Have you ever been to heaven? I stopped doubting it exists when I woke up there. Imagine you open your eyes to look around and find yourself in a tiny room, noticing a small window in the wooden wall. Seeking an answer to the dramatic silence you approach the windowpane, and voilà, only to see …


Oman: Magic of the Orient

Oman Mosque

Imagine a country where visitors are treated like guests, where people are wholeheartedly welcoming you to their beautiful country, sharing their sweet chai and cardamom flavoured coffee, and where you will fully emerge into the magic of the Orient. A country where ancient irrigation systems channel water running from the high mountains into date filled …


Gem of the Caucasus Mountains


When I managed to get the last week of October off work, I decided to go back to my beloved Georgia for the fourth time, and explore one of the regions on the Transcaucasian Trail – Racha. Tucked between the mountains of Svaneti and the northern bits of South Ossetia, Racha is – according to …


Magic of Oaxaca

Mexico Community Tourism

Bienvenidos….the warm welcome commonly heard when you travel along the Chinantla Route in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Always proud of their history, culture and heritage the extraordinarily courteous and indigenous communities you visit will never cease to surprise you. The communities are the descendants of the Chinantec and Mazatec of the pre-Hispanic period. From amazing …


Salta and Jujuy: Argentina’s Secret

Jujuy Argentina

  Argentina is a country close to our heart having explored it from end to end. Its diverse landscapes have a lot of offer many of which cannot be missed. For us, the most fascinating regions are Salta and Jujuy, located in the north west of the country. Its landscapes are beautifully contrasting ranging from …


Kyrgyzstan Trekking

Lake-Sary-Chelek Kyrgyzstan

  Trekking the Alpine Paradise of Lake Sary-Chelek by Victoria Lownes   The ease of modern day travel never fails to amaze me. Travelling somewhere by air enables you to move through both time and space at unimaginable speeds and when you reach your final destination, no matter how close or far away, you enter …


Mayan Culture of Mexico’s Yucatan

Uxmal Mexico

  Even after thousands of years, we can still visit the places where Mayan communities were born, lived, and prayed. Their story is still heard in archaeological remains and abandoned cities they left behind. The Mayan culture has never been more alive or more willing to be heard. Mexico’s magical Yucatan peninsula offers a wonderful …


Ancient Beliefs of the Natural World

Armenian Culture

  Discovering the incredible Armenian History Museum in Yerevan is an essential part of your journey through a country that has yet to be flooded by a wave of tourism and few know about its history or even where it is. Anyone interested in historical, adventure and cultural tourism, Armenia is a must! Armenia has …