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Salta and Jujuy: Argentina’s Secret

Jujuy Argentina

  Argentina is a country close to our heart having explored it from end to end. Its diverse landscapes have a lot of offer many of which cannot be missed. For us, the most fascinating regions are Salta and Jujuy, located in the north west of the country. Its landscapes are beautifully contrasting ranging from …


Kyrgyzstan Trekking

Lake-Sary-Chelek Kyrgyzstan

  Trekking the Alpine Paradise of Lake Sary-Chelek by Victoria Lownes   The ease of modern day travel never fails to amaze me. Travelling somewhere by air enables you to move through both time and space at unimaginable speeds and when you reach your final destination, no matter how close or far away, you enter …


Ancient Beliefs of the Natural World

Armenian Culture

  Discovering the incredible Armenian History Museum in Yerevan is an essential part of your journey through a country that has yet to be flooded by a wave of tourism and few know about its history or even where it is. Anyone interested in historical, adventure and cultural tourism, Armenia is a must! Armenia has …


Undiscovered Quilombos of Brazil

Bahia Brazil Quilombo

  Brazil’s tourism industry and image barely needs promotion, blessed with imagery such as Rio de Janiero’s magnificent skyline, thousands of kilometres of golden beaches, and a colourful carnival like no other in the world. Those that have never been to Brazil find it difficult to think beyond these stereotypical brochure shots but underneath there …


Green Faces of Armenia

Armenia Trek

Go Barefoot actively searches to link with co-operatives, green and social enterprises and NGOs. One of the key challenges we face when creating a sustainable and rewarding itinerary is finding the local partners with an ethos and approach to tourism that is different to the usual circuits. In some countries this is a real challenge …


Secretly, we are all Cossacks!

Russia Ural Dacha

Head Into Russia’s Wilderness on the Trans-Siberian Express When you mention a trip to Russia, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is Red Square and the bare chested Putin! Most tourists visiting Russia will explore Moscow’s busy wide avenues and the ornate canals of Peter the Great’s once visionary creation, Saint Petersburg. …